Updates and Notes from cultural bridges to justice


Voting is more than simply supporting a candidate. It is an opportunity to voice our principles, and it is our responsibility as a member of this U.S. American society.

Before you vote, read the platforms of the candidates to determine who truly represents your priorities and your principles. Learn the positions of all candidates, for President, Congress, plus state and local elected officials.


Social Justice Horrors & Celebrations

Now that we have better internet access and speed, we hope to post more frequently.

As I write today, across the planet lives are lost and communities destroyed by corporate greed and religious fundamentalism.


Wishes for 2013

So much has happened since my last post – some events bringing us grief,others great hope.


Website Launch

We launch our website today with pride and hope. Pride in the work that cultural bridges to justice trainers have offered thousands of workshop participants since 1986; and hope that our training and resources can now reach greater numbers of active and passionate agents for social change.